Week 2 of the Eynesbury Cup is complete with some excellent scoring on Saturday 21st of October.

David hunter has converted his fantastic first round to hold a 2 point lead over Graham Heggan.

So what does it take to be an Eynesbury Cup champion? Last years winner Nathan Silvey could put his victory down to sheer consistency, scoring points in all but 2 of the 12 events, averaging 4.33 points per week.

It is rare to see players manage 15+ points after 2 rounds, and those who do aren’t always guaranteed an easy ride to the finish line. Take last years effort by Luke Jolliffe as an example, scoring an unbelievable 17 points after two rounds (1 behind the all time record of 18 by Matt Berry in 2013), before going into hibernation for the following 9 weeks and not troubling our keyboards again until the final round.

In 2015, during what was arguably the most dominant, non-Pallpratt displays of golf in the clubs short history, Rob Flack took the title while only posting points in 5 of 12 events (3.75 p/week average). Rob also went on to become 2015 medallist of the year.

Will a 3.75 point average be enough in 2017? Time will tell!

Full second round resultsĀ HERE