Fairway Spraying Poa control

As few of you may have noticed the course has had some partial closures the last couple of weeks. I have ben trying to spray the Poa annua out of the fairways, but the weather is not co-operating. I will continue with the spraying in the afternoons/evenings after the last golfer plays through. However, there may still be some minor disruption to some golf, but I will try to minimise this as much as I can.
The main reason why I need the golfers to stay off certain areas of the course after I have sprayed is to prevent tracking of the chemical onto the putting greens.

I am using low rates of Glyphosate 1L/Ha to control the Poa. These rates will not harm the dormant Santa anna however, it will damage the bent grass of the putting greens.

Hopefully we have a good result and the Santa anna will have a good head start this season not having to compete with the Poa annua.

“Take Pride”

Matt Shuttleworth