2019 draw now available – 2019 64 player draw


Organizing of match

A reminder that it’s the responsibility of the player on top of the draw to make contact to organize the match. Please call the proshop to get your opponents contact number if required.



·       The number of strokes awarded in this competition is the difference between the players’ handicaps, on the day of play.

·       Where there are more than 18 strokes difference between players’ handicaps, the higher handicapped player will receive 2 or 3 strokes per hole where applicable, i.e. 2 strokes on rating #1 and so on.

·       Strokes are given on the holes as rated by hole index on the score cards

·       In the event of a tied match, extra holes will be played until a player wins a hole and claims the match. In this case handicap strokes start again and are given as in the original round. Please advise the proshop that you are playing extra holes and we will accommodate you.



Men:      Blue tee for all matches unless otherwise organised by both players, if you both agree to play the comp of the day you will play from that tee.



Daily Competitions

You can play your match and also play the comp of the day. Please note that if a putt is conceded in the match, it still has to be played for the competition of the day. If the putt is then missed it is still considered as being holed in the Matchplay event.