Updates from around the course!


Greens are coming along well, with some decent heat last week still there has been a lot of growth. They will get a couple of cuts this week, lowering the blades each week to hopefully be close to 100% by the time we’re back on course.


Bunker works are commencing this week, with first job of cleaning them out and spraying which was conducted last week and continue this week. The greenside bunker on the second should commence by the end of the week with a capillary concrete base, for those interested, check out the link for find out more. https://capillaryconcrete.com/capillary-bunker/

This will provide a vision of the long term plan for the whole course, with the high priority bunkers being looked after first.


One of the positives of the lockdown is lack of traffic and the fairways are loving it, especially no carts. With big improvements over the last few months, this was actually perfect timing to ensure a great coverage into winter. We will most likely see them start to go into dormancy as we start to get more cold morning, but they are definitely in the best shape they have been for a long time with the best chance to hold up through the cooler months.

Tree trimmings

We can’t take credit for this one, member Leon Christie has been working his butt off cleaning up a few creek crossings. The 14th, 16th are completed with the works on 11th commencing this week. Before we finished up you may of also noticed the hazard markers around the course, made up and repaired by Leon, we now have 450 new markers around the course. Thanks Leon, amazing effort and you’re effort is greatly appreciated, we owe you a beer or two.

Team Update

We have been operating off minimal staff over the past couple of weeks but by next week we should just about have the full team back out here, which will allow us to really get some jobs ticked off.

We also have a new addition to the team who I’m sure a lot of you will know. We welcome Wes Greig to the team and are very excited to have him back on board. Wes worked at Eynesbury a while back before taking the Superintendents role at Melton Valley over the last 2 years. As a member and local, Wes knows the course inside and out and will be a massive inclusion to the team, be sure to welcome him back once we’re back on course.