To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and any Temporarry Local Rules.

1. Out of Bounds – (Rule 27-1)

(a) Beyond any fence and/or white stakes with black tops bounding the course.

(b) Homestead, car park and roads adjoining the Homestead.

2. Staked tees and Shrubs (Including guard/stake)

Relief must be taken from staked tree and shrubs. Proceed under rule 24-2. If a tree is under 2 clublengths in height it must be staked for a free drop.

3. Artificial surfaces

Artificially surfaced roads and paths (including gravel paths) are immovable obstructions.  Relief may be taken under Rule 24-2b (i).

4. Lateral Water hazards and water hazards

Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes and/or lines

* Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red stakes and/or lines

Proceed under rule 26-1

5. Garden Beds

Relief may only be taken from defined garden beds. These must be marked either with a sign or a blue coloured peg. Tan barked areas are an integral part of the course  and you must play your ball as it lies  or take action under  the unplayable lie. 

6. Kangaroo Scrapes

If your ball comes to rest in a kangaroo scrape anywhere through the green you may take a free drop.  In a bunker the ball may be placed.

7. Matting in bunkers

If you ball comes to rest against bunker construction matting, you may place your ball at the nearest point of relief without penalty.

8. Stones in Bunkers

Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions. Proceed under rule 24-1.

9. Eynesbury Heritage

Eynesbury holds a lot of significant items on and around the course. Please be aware that all heritage items are an integral part of the course  and are in play. Relief cannot be taken from items such as

  • The wall at the back of the 3rd green
  • The wall to the right of the 5th fairway

If your ball comes to rest against a rock in these areas you must play as it lies or take a penalty drop under the unplayable ball rule.


Match Play – Loss of Hole
Stroke Play – 2 Strokes